GraphQL and Apollo: A complete data management solution for modern Apps


嘉宾 : Sashko Stubailo | Apollo GraphQL leader

会议室 : 2号会议厅


主题演讲嘉宾: Sashko Stubailo

Apollo GraphQL leader

Sashko has been working on open source developer tools for the last 5 years. Most recently he has been leading open source GraphQL tool development at Apollo, after writing the very first versions of Apollo Client. Previously, he has worked on JavaScript build tooling, reactive UI frameworks, and data visualization.




演讲:GraphQL and Apollo: A complete data management solution for modern Apps

Brief introduction

Modern frontend frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular have solved a lot of the problems developers used to have with building complex user interfaces. It's easier than ever before to structure your code with components, create great animations, and create consistent design systems. Unfortunately, these frameworks don't have a clear opinion on how you load and manage data, whether it's client-side state or a result coming from a backend API.

In this talk, I'll go over how GraphQL and Apollo could be the first full-stack system for data management. With GraphQL as a language for specifying data requirements and Apollo as a set of technologies to orchestrate getting that data to the right place, you can build apps using React or any other framework in a fraction of the time it used to take.

First, we'll go over what makes data management difficult in modern apps. Then, we'll go over how GraphQL provides a valuable base for describing APIs and fetching data. We'll look into how Apollo takes advantage of that base to make it easy to implement all of the data management features you need in your app. Finally, we'll talk about how to incrementally adopt these technologies into your existing architecture to start getting the benefits of GraphQL and Apollo without having to modify your current APIs.

Key takeaways:

- How GraphQL and Apollo fill in the data management gaps in today's modern frontend frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular

- What you can easily do with GraphQL and Apollo, and how it compares to previous approaches like REST APIs and Redux

- How to get started implementing GraphQL and Apollo in your existing React + Redux + REST app to start getting a better developer experience and faster performance right away









-  GraphQL和Apollo如何填补当今现代前端框架(如React,Vue和Angular)中的数据管理空白

 - 您可以轻松使用GraphQL和Apollo,以及它如何与之前的方法(如REST API和Redux)进行比较

 - 如何开始在现有的React + Redux + REST应用程序中实施GraphQL和Apollo,以便马上获得更好的开发人员体验和更快的性能

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