Swift Outside the Apple Ecosystem


嘉宾 : Mattt Zmuda | Flight School创始人


专题演讲嘉宾:Mattt Zmuda

Flight School创始人

Mattt is the founder of Flight School, a new book series for Swift developers with English and Chinese language editions. He spent the last 3 years at Apple as a technical writer, contributing to The Swift Programming Language, Swift Package Manager, and Swift.org. Before that, Mattt founded NSHipster, a weekly publication for iOS and macOS developers, and maintained several open source libraries, including AFNetworking and Alamofire.

Mattt Zmuda是Flight School的创始人,作为技术作家,他在苹果公司工作了3年,为Swift编程语言,Swift Package Manager和Swift.org做出了贡献。在此之前,Mattt成立了iOS和MacOS开发者每周出版物NSHipster,并维护了几个开源库,包括AFNetworking和Alamofire。


演讲:Swift Outside the Apple Ecosystem

The Swift programming language was released by Apple in 2014. At the time, it was positioned as a successor to Objective-C for making iOS and apps. However, thanks to extensive contributions from the open-source community as well as companies like IBM and Google, Swift has expanded beyond the App Store into a variety of new applications.

In this talk, I will discuss recent and upcoming developments in Swift, and how they can be used for machine learning, web development, scripting, and systems programming.

Among the topics I’ll discuss are Swift for TensorFlow, Swift-NIO, concurrency, interoperability with language runtimes, and ABI stability.

Key Takeaways:

Discuss recent and upcoming developments in Swift, and what they mean for developers.
Understand why Swift is uniquely positioned to become an important language outside Apple’s development ecosystem.
Learn how to get started with Swift and contribute to its development.

Swift编程语言于2014年由Apple发布。当时,它被定位为Objective-C的后继版本,用于制作iOS和应用程序。但是,得益于开源社区以及IBM和Google等公司的广泛贡献,Swift已经超越App Store扩展到各种新应用程序。


我将要讨论的主题包括Swift for TensorFlow,Swift-NIO,并发性,与语言运行时的互操作性以及ABI稳定性。






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