Using webpack to make Apps fast at Microsoft


嘉宾 : Sean Larkin | Microsoft Edge 研发经理webpack 维护者

会议室 : 二层 203


专题演讲嘉宾:Sean Larkin

Microsoft Edge 研发经理 webpack 维护者

Sean Larkin 【廖肖恩 】is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Edge DevTools, expert on Web Performance, and maintainer of webpack. Outside of work, he works with Fortune 500 companies helping them change their culture for Web Performance practices, Open Source, and embracing emerging technologies. In his free time he loves spending time with his family, hiking, woodworking, cooking, gardening, Orchid cultivating, playing video games, hacking on IoT, and Streaming his open source work!

Sean Larkin【廖肖恩】是Microsoft的研发经理,负责Edge DevTools;他还是Web性能专家和webpack维护者。在工作之余,他与财富500强公司合作,帮助他们改变他们的文化,以实现Web性能实践、开源和采用新兴技术。在他的空闲时间里,他喜欢和家人共度时光,远足、木工、烹饪、园艺、兰花培养、玩视频游戏、黑客攻击物联网,以及打磨自己的开源作品!


地点:二层 203

演讲:Using webpack to make Apps fast at Microsoft

Did you know that the average website takes over 16 seconds to load on a mobile device? Did you know that on average the amount JavaScript and CSS that goes wasted is over 60%! If JavaScript and CSS are our most expensive resources to load, why are we hurting our load times by shipping stuff we don't ever use? How do we get rid of this unused code? How can we profile our web applications load times? 

Join me as I teach you about the performance constrains of the modern Web, and how to write rich applications within these boundaries using household tools like webpack.

 We’ll learn about how webpack solves these performance problems through a concept called code-splitting. We will walk through examples of code-splitting together, the many ways you can leverage it in your web application, and how webpack  enhances this feature using magic comments, service workers, and prefetch and preload!

By the end of this talk you know:

  1. Where the most costly resources in your we application
  2. How to profile and analyze a web application load-times
  3. Understand what is "unused code" and how to get rid of it with code-splitting and webpack
  4. Learn the many types of code splitting in webpack, and other performance related features like service worker and how to integrate them with webpack
  5. Learn how frameworks adopt code-splitting and the route, component, and library level
  6. How to implement this in your own codebase




我们将学习webpack如何通过一个叫代码分离(code-splitting)的概念来解决这些性能问题。我们将通过一些例子来学习,这里演示的方法都可以直接用在自己的Web应用中。我还将分享webpack如何使用魔法注释(magic comment)、service worker、预取(prefetch)和预加载(preload)等特性来增强代码分离。

4.学习webpack中不同类型的代码分离,了解像service worker等其他性能相关的特性,以及如何将其与webpack集成


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